We would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Hopefully everyone got to spend some quality time with friends and family over the weekend.

Krazy Daze

I cannot believe I am saying this but it is already July and already time to start planning your Krazy Daze Specials. The official date for this year is July 25th, but as you know you can hold your event for several days or just the one day.

This year is going to be a lot different than years past. We will not be holding a large gathering type of event but instead focus on each business individually. The focus on our end will be promoting you ALOT on social media. So we will need your help by emailing me what dates you plan on having your sale, what discounts or specials you will be offering, giveaways you might be having, etc. Please text those to me at 405-471-2348, email to info@downtownedmondok.com or messaging me on social media.

Some creative ideas for this event-

If you are a restaurant or bar- offer a special appetizer or drink special that day. Give away a couple of t-shirts or hats.

If you are a business that is still limiting the amount of customers in at one time- do social media sales events. List sale items with limited quantities on social media, days before the event. I bet they are gone before the end of the day. Hold a Facebook Live shopping event. Really fun and your customers will love it.

Extend your Krazy Daze Sale for several days so your customers will be spaced out to control social distancing.

Set up outside your store to promote outdoor shopping.

Edmond Outlook coverNew Members

A big welcome to our newest members- Edmond Outlook.

Edmond Outlook has always be great supporters of Downtown Edmond so we are so happy ot have them as a part of the group.

We are getting updates from the city, getting advice and information from the Chamber, EEDA and Visit Edmond daily.  Here is what we know and what we are doing at this time.  This will change hour by hour I am sure but we will keep you as up to date as possible.

  • The City will be holding an emergency city council meeting at 5pm today.  We should know after that time what their recommendations will be for our city.
  • DEBA is updating and posting often on the Downtown Edmond Business Member Facebook page.  If you are not a member, we suggest that you join the group so you can share your information easily as well as get information easily.
  • DEBA is sharing your business information on all of our social media formats.  We need your help though, if you make changes, please email us or post on the group page so we can help spread the word.
  • The Chamber, EEDA, Visit Edmond, Citizens Bank and the city have been sending us recommendations and information that we are sharing with the group.  Things like Small Business loans, ways to keep your business social media relevant, cleaning techniques, ways to help your employees, etc.  I am sharing those on the group page as well.  If you have an idea, feel free to email us at info@downtownedmondok.com and we will share this with the group.

We want you to know that we are there for you and will try our best to keep everyone informed.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Positive.

Ken Baker

Ken Baker is a lifelong resident of Oklahoma and has lived in Edmond, OK for more than 40 years. A dedicated landscape painter, Baker’s oil paintings depict a variety of locations throughout the Southwest and include many historical sites with missions and early settlements. He has been showing his paintings at the Edmond Arts Festival for approximately 10 years and enjoys meeting and talking with so many of the people from Edmond and around the State of Oklahoma. He also participates in several shows including the prestigious NatureWorks show in Tulsa, OK that spotlights artists from across the nation. Baker’s paintings have been featured in several national magazines, including “Art of the West”, “Southwest Art”, “Western Art Collector” and others.

“All of my paintings have stories,” says Baker. “Since most are painted on-site in plein air, it is my belief that knowing details of the paintings such as location and circumstance adds to the pleasure of owning a

“I am humbled and honored to participate in the Edmond Arts Festival and hope to participate for many more years to come.”

Ken Baker can be contacted at:


The 2020 Downtown Edmond Arts Festival’s featured artist is Robert Cornman of Lakeland, Florida. Join us on May 1st – 3rd to check out Cornman’s original paintings in oil and acrylic.

Artist’s Biography

“I consider myself an abstract expressionist trying to touch the observer with visual language. The art is set with rich, vibrant colors and evolves with multiple layers of texture and patterns. With a wash in color, depth and a collage of mixed media is used in my abstracts to bring life to each piece. Being influenced with action painting and the spontaneous or smeared flow of color helps me focus on bold strokes. I experiment with different styles to take on a visibility and an understanding to bring comfort to the viewer.

“Color constantly surrounds us but many people take them for granted. Abstract art is very much the expression of ideas concerning the spiritual, the unconscious and the mind. Think of my work as maintaining a balance between chaos and control as well as the paintings being a process rather than a product.”

– Robert Cornman