History of Downtown Edmond

The Beginning of a Downtown

Although people lived throughout what is now considered Edmond, its humble history began in 1887 when a railroad station was built in what is now referred to as Downtown Edmond.

Tracks for the Santa Fe Railroad were laid through Oklahoma and eventually at milepost 103, initially called Summit due its high elevation. Summit eventually became the Edmond Station or Edmond Burdock, and was a stop for food and a place for trains to get fuel, coal, and water.

After those tracks were laid down and the Station established the area began developing overnight in 1889 with the Oklahoma Land Run. “Broad Street” and “Two Street,” present day Broadway and Second Street, saw a growth from the 3 initial settlers, Mr. and Mrs. Steen and their 2-year old son, to well over 100 by the end of the day…and the Downtown Edmond was born.

Within a short time businesses, grocery stores, and other shops began sprouting up along the Santa Fe R.R. line. At first, Edmond was just a place to stop if you were riding the train, due to the available city dining.

Downtown Edmond and the surrounding City has since blossomed into a destination bedroom community supporting a local college, community activities and its own local commerce and manufacturing on the outskirts, just north of Oklahoma City.

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